Bluetooth Shield: How to change the class of device?

I am currently working on a school project. I want to use an android phone to find the bluetooth shield I purchased from you guys. However, after some research I realized that my Android phone cannot find the device unless I change the class of device to something other than the default 0x00. There is an AT command “AT+CLASS=\r\n” to do this. However, it seems that the Bluetooth Shield you produce does not use AT commands but something else (Simply enough, you cannot even use “AT+NAME” on BT Shield).

I wonder if there is a way for us to change the class of the device. If so, would you please tell us?

Thank you. 谢谢。

you can visit ,there are commands that can be used to your Bluetooth Shield .
Bluetoothe Shield is same as Bluetooth Bee.


I have seen this page. That does not help with changing class of device. Are these all the commands one can use for the BT shield?

yeah ,the command can be used …And I really do not understand where you have seen the command like “AT+CLASS=\r\n” . I can not find on the wiki. and what is the class you mean ? I follow the step on that wiki , the Buletooth shield can be found also be connected .

Thanks for following up. It is just standard AT commands used by these serial devices. … evised.pdf

It is not on SeeedStudio wiki, and I am pretty sure that ST Bluetooth products cannot use AT commands.

Which model of Android phone are you using? After a lot of research, it seems that all the BroadCom Bluetooth Stack phones (most phones use this with some exceptions like Nexus One) will directly ignore devices with device class “0x00”.

But there are workarounds for this issue (for others who have the same issue as I do), fortunately. It seems that you can get an App called “Bluetooth Class Zero” which can help find all the devices that are ignored and pair with them. For Android programming, the author of the app also gave us the idea that you just need to get the MAC address of the device and directly connect to it. I am now able to proceed on my project.

However, I am still quite disappointed with ST as they did not offer much support on this issue (they always attribute this problem as phones do not use BT 2.0, which is not true). They do not seem to make any efforts to look into this and change the situation either. It will be a much better thing for developers to have full control over the device they have. Not this time for me.