Bluetooth File transfer issue in BBGW

I have Beaglebone Green Wireless with Debian 10 OS. I am trying to connect Bluetooth to my tablet to transfer an Excel or CSV file,it is connected but it only available for call and audio media, but i need to transfer files, so need your help.

Hi there, and welcome.
The Bluetooth 4.0 is for audio and the BLE is for the data transfer.,
You may want to look at this link. and be sure the tablet and PC dongle support the BLE.
GL :slight_smile: PJ
Rock64 4Gig Debian Bullseye 11.8 on Armian Linux 4.4.9 Was (stretch)

Thanks for Reply. this solution is working but when i am trying to share file from tablet it shows “Transfer forbidden by target device” and i also add status log image please go through it.
Thank you.


Hi there, looks like it’s a permissions error, you need to elevate them from console think ?
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Thank you for your reply!
How and from where can i give permissions to it? Please help