BLE central role module connected to a Heart Rate Peripheral

I want to read the data that a Heart Rate Monitor (Coospo H8 photo attached) sends via bluetooth.
I tried with an iphone and it works perfect. Now i want to use an Arduino pro mini and a BLE module, instead of the iphone.
I tried with a HM-10 in central role but it didn’t receive any data.
anybody knows which module works for this case?

MDBT40P? … ewInBazaar

Tessel BLE module with BlueGiga BLE113? … -2230.html




MDBT40P is new module & Nordic 3rd-Party-Bluetooth-Smart-Module. It supports nRF51 SDK / tool chain from Nordic.

Tessel BlueGiga BLE113 provides open-source drivers. This supports many BLE devices. Please email to to confirm if Coospo H8 works with this module.

Thanks for writing to us.