Better Harness for Groove Starter Kit

Hi, I’m working in a new business some friend and I started in the small city of Puebla, Mexico. We sell electronic parts, and parts for robots like servomotors, sensor and other stuff. We also teach newbies electronics, programming even math, we have a very practical way of teaching, so in that spirit the Grove System was a fit to us.

We tried the starter harness, but it wasn’t pretty and not very práctical to us. So we designed a custom board to place the whole starter kit and a few extra items. This is the firs version, we are currently working on a second bigger version :smiley:

Dear customer,

Thanks for you sharing with your project.
And also if you can provide your website and link let more new guys can view and see what you done it could be better.

We also love to have a teaching peoject to using with our Grove.

Might be you can consider about ARDX system which we already selling and it is good for teaching in Arduino.

If you want more support just tell us.
Our team would help you.

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Hi, this is other version of my Experiments board for the Grove System, we added a breadboard and a servo.
You can download this and the old design here (corel draw):

The board looks interesting.
Why do you cut the grove cable? Seeed will change some sensor module to adapt panel mount(sensor and connector on the opposite side). As as result, these modules may not suite for your board.

Hi Steve, thank you for the comments. We cut the cables for aesthetics, so the cables don’t get in the way giving a better presentation. It was a pain but the final result worth it.

We just made 15 of these boards (hand made) for an Arduino Introduction workshop. I even try desoldering the connectors and solder them in the back, but it was to much hassle. We love for all the Grove sensor to come this way and when that happen we will adapt this board and may be make a better one. We were thinking to make a board that snaps with magnets instead of conectors, but this will require a radical change in the Grove sensor and in our board :wink:

That makes sense. Hope your workshop successful. If you have any advice for Grove product line and any other Seeed products, please let us know.

Best wishes!