Baisha Watch Battery Change

Hi, I have let my Baish watch run out of battery.

When I insert a new one I only get 0.68V at the PCB, too little to start up the msp, and not enough to light any leds.
With the battery removed I still have 0.58V between terminals.
My guess that I have also depleted the smaller “clock change battery”.

So, my question is what type of battery is that?

Also, the schematics is only downloadable in altium format, can somebody export to pdf, please.
Faultfinding is so much easier when there is a schematics to look at.

hi~ it use cr2032 battery.

about the sch in pdf, you can have a look at the attachment~ I hope it will helps~ :smiley:
screen.pdf (153 KB)
pw.pdf (460 KB)

Thanks that helps.
Too bad the part I’m trying to identify isn’t on the schematics.

Thanks for your help.