Baisha Clock


I’ve just got this clock but I fail to set the time. No matter where and how I tap it, it doesn’t enter the mode to set the time. The manual says open the clock & turn it on by pressing the button, then tap it twice on the front. Tried that several times, it doesn’t work. Is there a way I can check the gyro sensor?


At least I’ve got a response, even though it’s just Spam.

Hi Peter,
Very sorry for the late response .
For this product , it has a detail documentation , please refer to it at

There isn’t a gyro sensor include this kit .
It would be work if the hardware connection is right , please check it again refer to the documentation .After make sure the connection is right , you can try to test if Chip mega328 can work right with a Arduino Uno . If so , then re - upload the firmware to mega328 , you can find the firmware at
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thanks for your response. But I’ve bought this pocket watch:

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