back panel

I’ve just begun playing with my DSO nano. I’m probably missing something silly, but I don’t see how
to attach the back panel. It doesn’t slide into place, and the included sticky sheet does not appear to be cut to fit
the back. (If anything, the two panels on the sticky sheet match the front, except
there is an extra tab which doesn’t fit anything.)

I’d appreciate a pointer. I’m using electrical tape for the moment. Again, probably something
silly on my part, but thanks in advance.

I got my nano too now and was thinking of the same. I took the thin outer edge of the dubble sided sticky sheet which you would normaly think is what you don’t want and throw away :wink: You get a hole for the battery and fits quite nicely and I don’t think it should cover everything on the back in case you want to remove the back plate sometimes later. The tab confused me too. Now I just don’t know what to do with the two big squares of the sticky sheet that is left :wink:

can you show us the picture about your problem ? the back panel should be easily stick onto the shell .

with or without the sticky transparent tape? You mean it should just snap into place without anything? What is its uses otherwise if it is not for attaching the back plate?

dso nano <-> transparent double sided tape <-> back panel.

You might want to try removing part of the double sided tape as to avoid sticking it to the lithium polymer battery (the case may rattle but it will greatly reduce the chance of any damage to the battery if you want to remove the back panel. (you may want a small amount of the of the tape on the battery to prevent it from moving)

I recommend using sticky tape to stick down the battery connector (BEFORE putting the back panel on) so that it won’t rattle.

  • If you want to remove the back panel / get it in the correct spot do so CAREFULLY. Failure to do so carefully may result in you breaking your DSO nano and / or damaging the battery.

  • In my opinion instructions for this really should be included in the box with the DSO nano.

I didn’t remove anything from my sticky tape, mine was cut out like two big squares with a few milimeter thin boarder around and between them like a 8. I just used that and it fits perfectly but it feels akward to throw away the two big squares, (95%) of the tape :wink:

My battery already had stycky tape in place, just remove the protecting sheets inside the nano.

Sorry for the delayed response. I’m in the same boat as dnordenberg,
and I’ll try the solution he proposed. Thanks all for the input!