AWS IOT end-of-life

The AWS IOT 1-click service is shutting down in December 2024: AWS IoT 1-Click end-of-life (EOL) FAQs - AWS IoT 1-Click

The Seeed AWS IOT button relies on this service.

Is there any hope of a firmware update to let us use our existing fleet of buttons with another service - AWS or otherwise?

I too use these buttons and am also wondering about this. Is there the possibility of a new firmware and app to transition these to AWS IOT Core? Or the ability to configure them to use webhooks or MQTT? Thanks!

Yes, would be great to have an option to natively integrate with AWS IOT Core with these buttons.

Following this in hopes a solution is found.

Tailgating on this thread in the hopes that there will be some way to continue using our Seeed AWS buttons after Dec 15th, 2024. If not, does anyone know of other wireless, battery operated devices that we can use with AWS core?