AWS 1-Click won't configure

I have a single AWS IoT 1-Click button (P5SJVQ200779TAC4) that has never configured correctly. I got as far as long pressing the button and getting the blue light, but neither the app nor the device responded for several minutes. After trying repeatedly, I got a yellowish light that wouldn’t go out until I pulled the battery, now it won’t even get that far. Help?

Update – I left the battery out for a while, and was able to get back to where the blue light flashed; the app still says Searching for device(s) but the blue light went out.

I left it with the battery all night and charged the battery fully – I use other batteries like this and have a purpose-built charger. Now I can’t even get to the blue light. What’s the process to return the presumably defective item?

Is this forum monitored? This seems to be the only venue for support…

Sorry, we just had the National Day of China. @ianhunter
What do you mean by defect? Maybe there are some usage problems.

It won’t sync to Wifi; when I use the app to claim the device, the blue light doesn’t flash.

What type of cell phone are you using? As far as I know there may be some compatibility issues on some very old devices at the moment. @ianhunter

The button itself won’t flash blue at all, regardless of what I’m doing with the app. When I long press for 6 seconds, it’s supposed to go into Wifi pairing mode and flash blue – it never does even that, so it doesn’t matter what kind of phone I’m using. I happen to be using a Samsung Galaxy S9.

Also, for some reason I’m not getting notification emails when a response is posted here; I’ll start checking back more often.

What’s my next step here? I’ve had this product for two weeks and it’s next even been claimed. Can I exchange it? Return it?

Hi @ianhunter
This may be caused by a virtual soldering problem in the hardware, please contact, they will help you deal with your problem.

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