AT+ --> +ERR=-3 on a freshly bought board


Only now I bought two boards on Aliexpress. I took it out of the package and checked it strictly following the instructions(Wiki getting started).

Unfortunately I can not get an answer OK.

At first I used SSCOM as stated on the wiki, but without success.

After that, I connected the boards to Raspberry Pi and just sent the lines to the preconfigured(115200 8n1) /dev/ttyUSB0 device.


rabbit@raspberrypi:~ $ echo -ne ‘at+\r\n’ >/dev/ttyUSB0

rabbit@raspberrypi:~ $ echo -ne ‘at+\n’ >/dev/ttyUSB0

rabbit@raspberrypi:~ $ echo -ne ‘AT+\r’ >/dev/ttyUSB0


other console:




Tell me, please, what else can I do to make these things to work?

Some pictures. The modules were in sealed bags, there was silica gel as well. I just pulled them out and tried to execute the simplest AT command.

As it turned out, it doesn’t understand 'AT’or ‘AT+’, but it responds to ‘AT+GMR’. :slight_smile: