Hi! I am a newbie on this programming device and need some help from you guys… Sincerely thanks in advance.
Right now, I intend to use the Arduino to do a auto gate system. Therefore, can someone give me some input on what gauge that i should need? which mean which type of Arduino main board and which type of Arduino shield and any other part that i should have to make my project work. Also with minimum cost as possible. :slight_smile:
some requirement below but not necessary to follow:

  1. 12V system
  2. remote control unit
  3. with safety protection
    I am appreciate for your comment and input. Thank you very much.

What is an “auto gate system”?

well!.. it is an automatic swing door system. The operation is something as below.

  • When i press “A” button of the key chain signal transmitter, the receiver unit will detect the signal and open one door (right side only).
  • When i press “B” button of the key chain signal transmitter, the receiver unit will detect the signal and open both door (left side and right side).
  • When i press “A” button of the key chain signal transmitter, the receiver unit will detect the signal and open one door (right side only). During the half way through, when “A” button of the key chain signal transmitter press again, it will stop the door which is opening. or when the opening door that hit on some object, it will stop half way through (safety protection).
    It is mainly use for controlling the outdoor gate system. Hope this is clear enough to you… :slight_smile:

How much of the system exists currently? Is the gate already motorized? Is it already activated by a keychain transmitter?

The good news is, what you are asking to do is fairly simple.
The bad news is, making it robust enough to work as a real-world system could get a little more complicated.

Initially, the hard part will be interfacing with the existing components, so we need as much detail about that as possible.

For time being, i got nothing at all in my hand. By checking through the web, i thinking of getting this system to start off with, mean while i can learn and play with it and later i will put it for my owe use.

:slight_smile: Good to hear that and thanks for your guidance and assistance in advance.

Can you tell me more what so of problem that i will face or is this the more high tech system which can integrate with PC and CCTV type.

I am sorry I can’t get this. I thought the Arduino Kit is the easiest, I just need to get the require kit and put them up and they will do the work. :slight_smile: sound silly…
So, what you can suggest on the hard ware part? What things that should i need?

Which system? Was there meant to be a link there?
I would consider building a small working model first while you learn, then look at hooking it up to the real system.

I’m thinking stuff like safety issues – an auto-shutoff if something gets trapped in the gate! Weather sealing, and the mechanical systems breaking down.

Any arduino kit would be good. For a transmitter you might look at the IR remotes sparkfun sells.
Check out this project. It seems they’re more focused on control of a security camera, but you could look at the way they control the camera with servos, pretend the servos are controlling the gates instead, and use that to work out your door-keychain logic.
Granted, you won’t be able to control an actual gate motor the same way (the motors will be way too big), but once you have everything else worked out, you can worry about controlling big gate motors.

Thank you wunderhorn1…
Thanks for the input. It really give me some thinker here… :slight_smile:

Regarding the IR remotes…
Do I need the Encoding and Decoding type?? & how many channel do i really need? i mean one channel for one motor which need 2 channel or just one channel will do…
For the motor, what can you recommend, it is require just a normal DC motor or stepper motor or server motor?

Once again, Thanks for your help and assistance. Have a nice day…

I’m not entirely sure what you mean with the IR remotes… which products are you looking at?
I think you should only need one IR channel, and the remote sends encoded messages which you decode with the arduino.

For a scale model, a stepper motor or servo will give you fine control over the movement.
I have no idea what is necessary to motorize a full-size gate. I think you would want to buy an off-the-shelf motorized gate system and then interface your remote system with it.

Hi! Wunderhorn1, thanks for your info. The IR remote i referring to is
315Mhz remote relay switch kits - 2 channels i guess this is good enough cause 2 channels for 2 motor… just nice. right?

For the full-size gate motor specification is as follow:
Motor voltage supply 24V~
Motor power 100W
Thrust force (max.) 1200N
So, i just need to do some modification to suit Arduino main board…

Anyone who have any comment just drop in your post… :slight_smile:

yeah!.. one more things regarding the safety issues… What sensor do i need to detect and shut off the motor?? any comment for this?? thanks…