App labeled Seeeeduino that runs on my computer at startup?

‘Something’ from Seeeduino runs when my computer first starts up. Wanna tell us what it is ??

I see it in the Task Manager / Disk / Resource Monitor. I only runs for a few tens of seconds at startup. Anyone else seeing this?

No comment from Seeediono makes me wonder even more if something nefarious is at hand.

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Hi, what is this “Something”… running on your computer XD
It makes me a little scared :o Have you connected any Seeed Studio products?
Would you mind sent me a picture of it?

It makes me wonder what they have loaded on my desktop computer… As for Seeed Studio products, I have only visited this forum and the Seeeeduino site and used several Xiao’s on projects. I have only seen it running a couple of times and so far have not been able to capture a screen shot. Of course I don’t always monitor Task Manager / Disk / Resource Monitor on every startup AND it only seems to run for a short time. When I capture it I’ll post the image. I’d be very interested in what Seeeeduino sees need to run on my computer.

I checked and I don’t think we have made a separate software for XIAO series, the programming of XIAO should be done through arduino, so I need more information to help you to confirm what ‘seeduino’ is. Maybe you have installed some other software of some kind?

Well, I do use the Arduino IDE for programming the Xiao. The only thing that comes to mind is some stuff I installed to ‘unbrick’ the Xiao but I don’t believe any of that was from seeduino and it should have no normal reason to run at startup. I will continue to try to capture an image. It doesn’t seem to run on every boot cycle or maybe it doesn’t run long enough to always be seen by the Task Manager which make capturing it harder …