Ant+ on XIAO nRF52840

nRF52840 can handle ant+. I am not clear on how I can develop it on this board. Is antenna sufficient to capture the 2.4Ghz signal? Do I incorporate the SDK library from Nordicsemi on ant+ into this kit without using any existing library provided by Seeed?


Hi there, I have the same question too - only got my XIAO BLE Sense nrf52840 today and done some experimentation with the ANT-PLUS Arduino examples. Struggled to get anything to compile so installed the mbed version of the boards, however the latest version gave me compile errors, so downgraded to 2.72 instead then complication worked. So running the Search List Example and heart rate monitor starts to work then hangs i.e :

Sending DataPage: 0 - Default
Getting Max Channels
( then nothing )
I’m trying to find out if it’s possible with CircuitPython too - I’ll post here if I find anything!