AGX Orin H01 kit flash error

After flashing using the SDK manager, AGX Orin H01 did not work, so I tried reflashing from NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin 32GB H01 Kit | Seeed Studio Wiki provided by seeed, but it did not flash.
The main error is that the USB port disconnects during flashing. I will attach the error log separately.
I hope suggest a solution to the error. I bought it with a lot of money, but I am very sad that I cannot use it now.

Hi there, high_bean, Welcome here.
I wonder if you loaded the USB drivers first, b4 flashing??
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Thank you for leaving a comment :smiley:. I have never installed any USB drivers on my Ubuntu host. Or do you mean checking whether the USB is recognized through the ls usb command?

Ah ’ I assumed from a windows host,my bad.
as it is abiet almost the same. what’s the output of lsblk?
or ‘dmesg’ when you plug it in?
GL :slight_smile: PJ

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Thank you and I’m sorry. I was a fool. It seems that the problem was that it did not enter recovery mode. I pressed the button to enter recovery mode as provided by seeed, but the screen did not appear, so it was not possible to check whether it had entered recovery mode or not. Thanks to your comment, I gave it another try and succeeded! thank you :rofl:!!

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