Advices for different IDE Atmel Studio?

I don’t like Arduino IDE at all. For 20y I work with Visual Studio and want to program the XIAO within Microchip Studio.
Are there any advices for this?
Unfortunately importing an Arduino (ino) project doesn’t seem to work.

Thanks in advance

Sorry, we only use arduino IDE and CircuitPython for the time being.

Visual studio, together with the famous platformio plugin allows coding, uploading and debugging with the XIAO.

I also like Visual Studio Code

VIsual Studio Code (as mentioned above), with PlatformIO is a great IDE.

Alternatively, you can use Visua Studio with the Micro development plugin.

Neither of the above use *.ino, that extension is specific to Arduino IDE, what you have to remember is that the solutions are C/C++ so you simply need to change your file extensions to .h/.hpp .c/.cpp.

Really, I guess you could use any IDE you wanted becaue ultimately it’s all about the tool-chain, so once that is configured for access etc. knock yourself out