Advanced Hot Tub Controller

I have one of the last 2012 HotSprings Jetsetter with an Orca controller and the LCD is no longer working. To repair it I would have to replace all the electronics and controller head. $1800+ and the latest equipment still requires you to go outside and change the settings.

Why not automate this based on several variables, Current Water and Ambient Air Temperature, Home occupancy, Schedule, Google/Outlook Calendar, Current and forecasted Weather, Create a learning algorithm that could calculate the most efficient temperature ramp to maintain the Water Temperature and Cleaning cycles for the Conditions Current and Future. I could keep adding Ideas, but I’m sure you get the idea. Open-Source Smart-Tub.

This and most other Hot Tubs are very simple device(s). This one has:
(1) water pump (1800 Peak Watts)
(2) led lights (2 Watts)
(3) recirculation pump (80 Watts)
(4) water heater (5000 Watts)
(5) outside lighting
(6) Music anyone?

I would think that using an Arduino and or Pi could be programed to operate relays that would switch Electrical Contactors to carry 120V and 220V equipment. (Shelly Pro 4PM comes to mind real fast) Also be able to add this to a Home Automation System like Home Assistant where some unfinished code exists on GitHub. I would be able to design and draw everything from the low power relays to the devices, supply the sequencing for the devices, as well as suggest fault detection, protection, or overrides.
In this Tub I described above the main rules are:
1.) Regulating Water Temperature.
2.) Maximum Water Temperature cutoff.
3.) Ensure Water Recirculation pump is on, and water is flowing before allowing power to the Heating Coils.
4.) Operate Jet Pump(s) single or multi-speed.
5.) Has a selection for a timed jet pump run for cleaning or after adding chemicals.
6.) Led Lights on/off color and brightness.
7.) Best of all be able operate everything remotely from mobile phone or integrate into its own system or best of all your Home Automation System where you can control everything, including your Hot Tub from anywhere.
8.) Optional Music, Surrounding Lighting, pathway lighting.
Please contact me if you are interested on working on this project.

Photos were taken and provided by IO Hacks