Adding Pulse Oximeter Module Drivers To Visual Studio

I have swapped microcontroller platform from Arduino to Gadgeteer (Fez Spider). I can use the GHI modules no problem… but i just hit a wall…
I have a Pulse Oximeter Module for Gadgeteer but am not sure how to add the module drivers to Visual Studio.
I know the software for it is in here under main: … view/14112

But what do i do with it and/or where do i put it?

Could someone describe or create a walkthrough on how to go about this as I m sure it would help others in the same situation?

Thanks in advance.

I just got it working:

Install Wix3.5

Download: … view/14112

A file will be downloaded called Main
Go into the file:

Double click this file:

PulseOximeter (the Microsoft Visual Studio Solution file)

Visual Studio will open

Choose ‘Release’ in the drop down box next to the Green Play button (the button represents ‘Start Debugging F5’)

Press the Green Play button

When the code has compiled click on Solution Explorer (right hand side of screen) then

Double click ‘PulseOximeter.msi’

This will begin the installer.

Once installed start a new Gadgeteer project.

The Pulse Oximeter module can be selected from the Toolbox (left hand side of the screen) and dragged onto the Program.gadgeteer designer view.