Adding BME688 to Human Detection Sensor kit

I have the Human Presence sensor, that is promoted with other sensors

I am trying to get the BME688 sensor to work with the kit, but i cannot get the bme680_bsec sensor to work with the ESP32 C3 when compiling with ESPHome.

How can i get all of the sensors on the BME688 to show up in Home Assistant?


You can ask the home assistant community too.

Hi there,
AFAIK, You may want to look here.
Their one of the comments is :slight_smile:

Just a bit more clarification as I have similar problem however I own a BME680 sensor:

only Arduino framework is supported by the Bosch BSEC/BSEC2 libraries. 
ESP-IDF is not supported at all
** to compile to ESP32-C3/S3, using BSEC2 library is a must as the lalgobsec.a files are not included in the BSEC library for S3 and C3 devices, and using the lalgobsec.a from /data//.piolibdeps//BSEC\ Software\ Library/src/esp32 as you can find this suggestion in some other issues, gives incompatible library error.
** I tried to use only the lalgobsec.a from a newer BSEC2 library and addig it as a build flag. This resulted a successful compile however the sensor was not able to work at all.

I am also waiting for the fix (updating the BSEC library in ESPHome).

GL :slight_smile: PJ

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