About the Human Resistance formula and output of the Grove GSR Sensor

Hi everyone!

This topic or question is probably duplicated but I really need this information, we are working on a project that uses the Grove GSR sensor, there is an explanation about the output of the sensor saying that it requires the formula *Human Resistance = ((1024+2*Serial_Port_Reading)10000)/(512-Serial_Port_Reading), unit is ohm, Serial_Port_Reading is the value display on Serial Port(between 0~1023) to be interpreted, but, what does every part of it mean? We were assuming that the 10k corresponds to regular human resistence value, serial port input is volts and maybe the 1024 and 512 values are related to Arduinos’ bit resolution, but we are not sure. Can someone please explain this formula to me please? It is very important for the project. We are working with an Arduino UNO at 5V.