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A couple of questions…

  1. Does UartSB mean there is a pin to pin connection for USB connector or whatelse?
    2)If i connect VCC of UartSB to + of charging circuit it will charge battery using usb?

I need to have mini-USB connector that allow me to program and charge the battery, what I have to do to have this kind of functioning?

Yes , UARTSB can simultaneously programming and charge function . In addition to programming mouth connected with arduino , but also provides another 5 V, 3.3 V outlets .

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I don’t undesrtand, when you say “UartSB CAN” do you mean that it already does simply conencting USB cable or that i have to connect an output pin to the charging pins?

I mean that Uarts have two VCC out pin , the one can be used to programming and another pin can be used to charging . That is necessary to connect an output pin to the charging pins .