A206 Carrier Board with Jetson Nano UART2 (ttyTHS1) has issue

Hi, I am facing issue with UART on 40-pin header (pin 8 & 10 Tx/Rx).

I am trying to communicate with external MCU via UART provided on 40-pin header, I could not see any data transmitted by ttyTHS1, but it is receiving (with some garbage ) data. Loopback is working fine but eventually we need to communicate with external MCU.

Please let me know how to resolve this issue.


Any updates on this.

I am having similar issues - I can’t get UART communication on the A203v2 with Jetson TX2 NX module. The pinout looks like it should be pin 8 and 10 for loopback (/dev/ttyTHS1?) but there is no signal. I have tried modifying the kernel .dtb files and flashing to enable /dev/ttyTHS2 and remove bpmp uart logs with no success. The spec sheet says the A203v2 has 1 UART channel but it doesn’t seem to work out of the box. SEEED - do you have any insight on how to do this? UART is pretty basic and necessary for many applications…