A203v2 USB Power Suspend

I’m attempting to suspend the power to the a203v2 carrier board’s USB ports using UHUBCTL but I’m unable to effectively control the hub.

I’ve attempted the above but it does not work. Does anyone have any assistance?

Hi @NickJSI
I’m trying to do the same. Did you manage it?

Unfortunately no. We upgraded to the Orin and the a603, but haven’t needed it yet.

Hi all, Anyone solved that issue and has found a solution?

We ended up adding a relay on a custom shield to control power to a usb pass through.

Couldn’t ever find a solution through software.

That makes the carrier unusable for us. Does this issue apply also for the Orin carrier? Is there any tiny USB pass through board available that allows to switch PWR?

Not that we found. We had to custom make our own.