A203 (Version 2) Carrier Board for Jetson Nano

In product details, there is a note: “When using Jetson Nano, the Wifi module cannot work with SSD together.”
Will the WiFi module work with the SSD card in the case of TX2 NX module?

Yes it does work for TX2 NX

Have any tips? I am using a tx2 nx with the a203v2 with a wifi module in the m.2 key e and an nvme ssd in the m.2 key m. The networking works fine, I cannot get the ssd to show up though.

Hello everyone,
Have any update about this issue ?
I’m also using A203v2 attached a Xavier NX and a Samsung NVMe SSD in the M2 Key M Connector.
Although the NVMe SSD is shown when I typed the command: ‘lspci’, but it is not shown up in ‘lsblk’ command.
My Xavier NX + NVMe SSD can work in Nvidia Xavier NX Developer Kit normally.
Have any problems with my A203v2 Carrier board ?
Please help me ! Thank you very much !

Best Regards,
Dat Phung