A203 v2 carrier board

I am unable to detect the SD card on the A203 carrier board.
I am using the Jetson TX2 NX module, and the Jetpack as provided by the nvidia sdkmanager.
What else should I do?
Are there custom dtb files to make the board work with this carrier?

Thank you.

Hey man, we are having the same problem, but I got a jetson nano. Maybe this can help: A20X Carrier Board - Seeed Wiki

It did not work for me sadly, the SDK manager is failing to flash on the jetson. Seed has a really bad customer service and almost no documentation on this thing.

Try flashing via command line instead. I was having a similar problem (could not get sdk manager to flash 4.6 to my tx2 nx) and using command line instead solved the issue.

I got to work flashing the Nvidia SDK as it comes.
I tried the command line method which worked better most of the times.
Then I mounted the sd card following this post Installing an NVMe SSD on Nvidia Jetson Xavier | Medium.