8-Channel 12-Bit ADC for Raspberry Pi Not Working

I have a 8-Channel 12-Bit ADC for Raspberry Pi. The board is detected on my I2C bus, it shows up at address 0x08. So I know the chip works. What I get when I try to run the adc_8chan_12bit.py code that should give me data readouts- I get a “OSError: [Errno 121] Remote I/O error”. I’ve tried everything I could find online about it but nothing has quite worked, even tried fresh installs / different versions of PI OS.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I’m at a complete dead end and would be so grateful for any input.

Kind Regards,
Will Faust

Hi, that issue can be fixed by changing the in the ‘adc_8chan_12bit.py’ as the address in that code is for 0x04 which is for the older chip used.
However, there is another issue after changing this where all the adcs read zero all the time. currently believ this in an ongoing issue a few people have on this forum but currently no soultion