60GHz mmWave Sensor - Human Resting Breathing and Heartbeat Module

I am using the software platform (Human-Vital-Sign-Radar.exe), as shown in the advertising video (https://youtu.be/J1JDgFs_4iw), to try to view my heart rate and respiratory rate, but I am getting unrealistic numbers (20 beats per minute on heart rate, and 0 breaths per minute on respiratory rate). The Human Vital Sign Radar display on my PC shows the following data:
Distance Overrun: green dot
Motion Overrun: red dot
High Frequency Breathing: green dot
Low Frequency Breathing: green dot
Existence: green dot
Distance: 0

I am not sure what any of this means since I can find no references to those descriptions in the manuals or literature for this device. I am getting no waveform signal on the Breathing Waveform and no waveform signal on the Heart Waveform, but I am getting a waveform signal on the Motion Waveform. The Motion Value reads anywhere from 2 to 100 depending on how much body motion I produce.
I am using a USB port (COM4) on my Windows 11 laptop computer. I went to the Device Manager, and then to Ports, and set the baud rate on COM4 to 115200 (it was originally 9600), but I still get the same unrealistic rates for heart rate and respiratory rate. I am using a WitMotion USB-UART Converter 3-in-1 Multifunctional(USB to TTL/ USB to RS232/ USB to RS485) 3.3-5V Serial Adapter, with CH340 chip Compatible with Windows 7,8,Linux,Arduino for Development Projects to interface between my Radar and my laptop. I have connected the 5V on the Radar to the 5V on the serial adapter, and ground on the Radar to ground on the serial adapter, and TX on the Radar to RXD on the serial adapter, and RX on the Radar to TXD on the serial adapter.
I am sitting about 0.5 meter from the Radar. I would appreciate any advice that you could offer.
Thanks, BryAB