5 reasons to study Aeronautical Sciences EAD

The dream of being an airplane pilot leads many. Students to enroll in the aeronautical sciences course . But the truth is that this career is much broader and has many possibilities for graduates, who don’t necessarily need to fly all the time to pursue the profession. In addition, the ead modality is ideal for people who are interested in the area, but whose routine does not allow them to fit in a face-to-face college. That is, with distance classes, the student follows his learning pace and can become an aeronautical scientist without compromising the family income. We have listed the top 5 reasons for you to study aeronautical sciences at a distance and take that next step in your career. Read on! Various areas of activity when people think of what aeronautical science is , the common association is with the career of an aircraft pilot.

The operating market is broader and includes. Possibilities within aviation, whether in airlines or within airports. In fact, being an aircraft captain or co-pilot are possible paths for you to follow. Despite being similar, the first one has more responsibility and greater demand for flight hours. It is up to the commander to Email Data manage all processes inside the plane, including communication with the tower and the well-being of passengers. On land, this career has other alternatives. The safety and expertise area takes care of the condition of the equipment and all the necessary protocols for flying. In addition, the airport manager takes care of the processes that involve the operation of the place and the flight dispatcher works in the organization of the airport. There are many options to choose from, isn’t it.

Salary appreciation as in other professions. Graduates in distance learning aeronautical sciences experience a salary increase, which varies according to their specialization. Undoubtedly, this is a very promising market, as the aviation industry continues to grow and connect with new routes and routes. An operational flight dispatcher earns, on average per month, but the salary cap can reach. On the other hand, an aircraft captain has an average salary of but this amount can exceed brl 13,000, depending on his results and experience. That is, there are many open opportunities for students on the course, with an attractive job market. The trend is that, in the coming years, technological innovation in the sector will reduce the distance between states and countries, allowing for new valuations.