4-Mic Linear Array Kit Install Issue

Testing on a Raspberry Pi 3B+

When installing on an existing Raspbian build Audacity showed 3 record channels with a signal, Mic 3 input was dead.

After doing a Linux update and reinstalling Seed-Voicecard, No 4 mic linear board appears in Raspbian preferences/audio device or in Audacity preferences, tested with 2 different 4 mic linear cards.

A round 4-Mic Array card Does work as expected on this system.

Also retested the 4 mic linear cards with a Raspbian image downloaded from seed (2018-08-06) and got same missing 4 mike linear recording device.

(did run system update/upgrade before installing Seed-Voicecard drivers and testing.

might there be a compatibility problem with the latest Raspbian installed on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ ?

Hi there,

If you download the 2018-08-06-raspbian-for-respeaker.zip from

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://v2.fangcloud.com/share/7395fd13 … 13&lang=en”>https://v2.fangcloud.com/share/7395fd138a1cab496fd4792fe5?folder_id=188000207913&lang=en</LINK_TEXT>, the image installs the driver and all alexa dependencies. you can use it directly.

Please provide the audacity screen shot for the 4 mics data and appreciate if you could provide the picture about the 4 mics. thanks.

I restarted with a fresh installation of the 2018-08-06-raspbian-for-respeaker.zip image, while the 4 mic round pi hat does immediately appear in the Preferences/ Audio Device Settings/ as: seeed-4mic-voicecard (Alsa mixer)

The 4 mic linear boards do not appear as an Alsa device.

Is there any additional setup steps needed for the linear board?

Have any basic debugging hints?

(I am Not using the board for an Alexa device, only using some audio processing functions)

FYI Here are the 2 Respeaker related directories I could find in the Seeed provided system:


















(all files 08/06/16)



asound_2mic.conf asound_6mic.conf





Just to let Seeedstudio know:

I still find that the 2018-08-06-raspbian-for-respeaker.zip SD card image from Seeed, with no added code, recognized the round 4 mic hat, but does not show 4-Mic Linear Array hat in preferences/audio device settings. This May Be A Problem.

Reviewing the most obvious difference: the Seeed CD image comes with a home/pi/respeaker directory, while my installation of the Seed-Voice drivers on a Google AIY CD image results in a home/pi/seeed-voice directory.

I did find my original problem after adding the seeed-voice drivers to a Google AIY version 1 SD image, was just the channel volume slider 3 being off, I has never touched this, perhaps came from Google this way (dumb me).

I now have all 4 channels recording in Audacity on both the round 4 speaker hat as well as the 4-mic Linear Array Hat, running in the AIY Raspbian SD image.

Thanks for your patience…