2mic Pi HAT equalizer


I have a Pi3B+ with Respeaker 2mic pi HAT.

All is setup and works great, both recording and output on the 3.5 jack hat.

It is actually running with snips as a snips main server.

To get a more natural voice, I would like to set an equalizer for the hat output jack.

I had this on another pi with hifi-berry card used for picoTTS and this made a real big difference for the voice.

So, I installed alsa plugin equal. But, I can’t get the right configuration for asound.conf to get the equal to work with respeaker output.

My Pi have last raspbian stretch lite.

My asounf.conf is:
</s><i> </i>pcm.!default { type asym playback.pcm { type plug slave.pcm "hw:1,0" } capture.pcm { type plug slave.pcm "hw:1,0" } } <e>

If someone with more knowledge (I’m not a dye hard linux user) could provide help to get this working, it would be really nice.