2 Channel CAN BUS FD Shield for Raspberry Pi. Missing frames. Change channel configuration to SPI0.0 and 1.0 40MHz

I am using a Raspberry 3B+ and a 2 Channel CAN BUS FD Shield with MCP2518FD and RTC.
Default configuration using dtoverlay = seeed-can-fd-hat-v2 is:

  • can0 to SPI0.0 @20MHz
  • can1 to SPI0.1 @20MHz

I realized I am missing some CAN messages/frames (randomly?) when I am logging (for example) at bitrate 500K.
I can see I am receiving full list of frames and in some point, it gets slower and receives only 1 of 3 or even stops reveicing for some milliseconds and then resumes to receive frames correctly.

A possible solution may be change configuration? For example:

  • can0 to SPI0.0 @40MHz
  • can1 to SPI1.0 @40MHz

How can I change that configuration?

Any other suggestion for those missing messages/frames?