2.8" TFT Touch shield v1.0 on arduino mega 2560r3

I installed the tft library from wiki page for tft shield v1.0 and removed tft file that came with arduino ide 1.0.5 which I found in other posts with similar issues. I am able to upload example code to mega but nothing on display except backlight. I have found schematic and pin out for display to make sure it was installed on mega correctly. I a am making a project for school where through display would run test fixture we built and all that is left is display programming. Any information or tips would be appreciated.

Have you changed line 33 of TFT.h?

Yeah I found that part out the other day and that fixed it. Forgot to remove post or say how I fixed it for others sorry about that.

hi, i have the same problem can you help me please.