1TB SSD on Jetson Orin NX

There’s a note on the purchase page for the Jetson Orin NX that states:

If you want to use SSDs with reComputer, we only recommend you choose the [128GB], the [256GB] and the [512GB] versions from Seeed, because some of the SSDs in the market will work with this product under a particular JetPack version and some will not work with a different JetPack version. Even the official NVIDIA dev kits have the same behavior with SSDs.

The 1TB SSD offered by SEEED is not listed here and I’m curious, does anyone know, has it also been tested and verified to work with this Jetson and Jetpack?

Hello, thanks for your feedback. The 1TB SSD we sell will also work with the J4012 industrial. We will update our bazaar page in the future.

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