16x2 LCD screen issue


I recently bought one of 16 x 2 LCD (Black on Red) screen (Display Development Tools Grove). Manufacturer part number: 104020112. I also checked the Git repository for any help developing the code, but I faced an issue, because all of that code was written to the arduino family microcontrollers. I am developing my university project on a stand alone PIC 32 microcontroller where none of those integrated arduino commands work, therefore I am using pure C language. So adopting that code example to my project and replacing all those built-in arduino commands would be extremely difficult and time consuming. I was wondering could anyone provide a pure C code example of I2C communication to the LCD? I dont need any of those backlight control, blinking, RGB, turn on-off functions. I simply want the 16x2 screen to be always on and depict a string that I am sending to it via I2C. A pseudo - code of some kind would save my life right now. I want to thank you in advance.

P.S (For now I am trying to develop some code by myself. The fundamental thing I can not understand is the LCD address. In the Git example files there is only one line written just like that
#define LCD_ADDRESS (0x7c>>1)
I am aware of bit shift operations and R/W bit in the I2C address, but I first time see such address definition in the I2C domain, can you help me to refine, what address should I be calling the LCD screen (I am taking it for granted that the R/W bit in this case is always zero as there are no reading operations, just writing to the screen)?