$100 Coupon and SenseCAP & Helium Collaboration T-shirt GIVEAWAY (-July 22)

Hi, community!

:tada: Haven’t shared your SenseCAP setups yet? Now it’s time to do it.
We’ve launched a Show off Your SenseCAP Hotspot Setups giveaway on Twitter, where you can join to win SenseCAP & Helium Collab T-shirts and $100 coupon for your future shopping!

:clap: 3 winners with the most likes will be picked on July 22.

Enter here: https://twitter.com/sensecapmx/status/1547642082960998400

:thinking: Don’t know what to share? Take this as an example:

I don’t have a SenseCap. But I appreciate this initiative. All the best to the participants.

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