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Coinberry is a fast, safe, reliable money transfer app and comes with a wide variety of features that allows instant and secure money transfer. However, with great features, some issues such as “Coinberry failed for my protection”. Despite its peer performance and ease of operation, the user sometimes fails to send the money successfully, leaving them clueless about what to do next.

The main reason for Coinberry payment failure issues for your protection is your safety. So how appropriately you use a Coinberry for sending and receiving money is also a major contributor factor to determine your safety and security of funds. However, this is only one reason behind this issue, and there are many more.

So it is also important to know why the Coinberry transfer failed for your protection, and you must figure out the possible reason behind this. This can happen due to the server issue, or maybe your bank declined the request. So, let’s move forward and put the first thing first and start understanding some reasons behind this issue.

Why did the Coinberry payment fail for your protection?

The Coinberry monitors users’ accounts, and if anything looks out of the ordinary and the realization of any possible scam and fraudulent transaction, it automatically declines the payment. For instance, if you are a suspicious account holder, the payment from your account will be cancelled.

So most of the time, the payment failed on the Coinberry to secure the user’s account. And other reasons why the Coinberry transfer failed for your protection are your bank or card issuer is declining the transaction, incorrect details, and the payment has triggered one of Coinberry automated security flags. If you are having this issue, then there are some steps that you can follow to fix the Coinberry payment failure for my protection error. Essentially, you need to know some tips for resolving this issue on the Coinberry.

How to fix the Coinberry payment failure for my protection?

As was mentioned above, the transfer failed because of so many reasons if you can’t send or receive money to and from contacts on Coinberry. But, right below here are some of the steps which you need to take to fix the payment failed on Coinberry for your protection:

The one reason due to which the transfer failed on Coinberry is poor internet connectivity and signals. Hence, take a minute to check your internet connectivity before moving out money from your Coinberry account.
Coinberry requires users to verify their accounts. If you use a Coinberry to send and receive money without verifying identification, you will have issues such as payment failure. So keep your Coinberry account verified.
If the VPN is on, then disable it while accessing your account and sending money because these activities can seem suspicious for the Coinberry.
While using the Coinberry for money transfer, keep in mind the Coinberry daily limit. Essentially on Coinberry, you can send more than $7500 in a week.
If you’re having trouble sending payment, make sure to check if you have added your correct credit or debit card to the Coinberry, the best thing to do is double-check or reach out to your card issuer to confirm that there are no issues. Often Coinberry card payment can be declined for recent zip code, address change, incorrect CVV, etc.
Therefore, make sure that your card is not damaged, expired, and disabled. Also, ensure that you have enough balance left in your account.
The Coinberry keeps checking your account for any unusual transaction and may result in a scam. The Coinberry transfers may fail to avoid such frauds. So, don’t indulge in any fraudulent activity on the Coinberry.
Sometimes the Coinberry payment failed, for the simplest reasons, such as application update. So the next time, if you are having issues in sending money and the Coinberry payment failed for protection, then double-check if you have updated the Coinberry to the latest version.


The Coinberry transfer failed for user’s protection ensures the security of their account and money. It would be best to take the troubleshooting mentioned above steps in case the payment failed on your Coinberry account. However, if you still have any errors in sending or receiving money from Coinberry, you need to contact Coinberry customer service to fix this issue.

Why does the Coinberry say transfer failed for my protection?

Coinberry says transfer failed for protection because the transaction was declined to save your account from any overcharges. If there are unauthorized and suspicious transactions taking place from your account, Coinberry dismisses them.

Why does Coinberry occasionally cancel security payments?

If Coinberry finds anything out of the ordinary and a fraudulent transaction takes palace on your account, it is cancelled to prevent any overcharges.

How do I fix my Coinberry failed for my protection?

To fix the Coinberry failed for my protection, you should avoid making any fraudulent transaction from your account. And make sure that you send or receive money from known people.