Grow with Community | Let's Make! 柴火共进社v2.0|这是一条严肃的社团招募:)

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Grow with Community | Let's Make! 柴火共进社v2.0|这是一条严肃的社团招募:)

Post by violet » Wed Jul 25, 2018 11:21 am

Since the opening in March 2017, we’ve hosted 100+ community events of various topics/themes/contents here at Chaihuo x.factory. We are very happy to see these events help inspire and trigger communication, exploration and collaboration among community members. And we’ve also noticed most of the previous events focus on sharing, lack of actual making!


Hence, we’ve made a decision of hosting a special series of events that better combine sharing with making, with a specific focus on hands-on making. After all, sharing and making are the two fundamental elements of our community!
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Oh, these great old times


Speaking of making, we could not help but to bring up the previous events of making we hosted every Wednesday evening in 2015 & 2016. Each episode of the event, we chose the most popular/interesting topic/content, invited members to brainstorm, explore, and make together! Some projects made during these events included spoons for Parkinson’s sufferer, Morse Code Lock, and Bottomles Mirror etc. The most exciting part of these events is when some unexpected problem popped up, and all participated discussed fiercely in searching for solutions. And then the magical moment appeared when we found the solutions to solve the problem!

As the upgraded version of Chaihuo Maker Space, Chaihuo x.factory is equipped with professional machines for electronic and mechanical engineering. And now with the tech support from our parent company Seeed, it’s never been a better occasion to unveil the new series of events of making! We give this series events a name: Grow with Community | Let’s Make!
Here, you’ll meet & make cool projects with interesting souls, like-mined and not-so-like-minded people, and grow together! Isn’t that cool and fun?

Welcome to Join us & Let’s Make!
Grow with Community | Let’s Make is a series of events that focus on the exploration and implementation of creative hardware projects in IoT (Internet of Things) industries. We will provide popular open source hardware modules (Thank You Seeed for the sponsorship!) and tech support on-site, supporting you to turn your brilliant ideas into projects! The series events will be hosted every other Wednesday evening, the first event will focus on brainstorming, and the second event will focus on making. We will finish one project each month (with two events).


Participants: hardware hobbyists, makers, engineers, programmers, especially problem-solvers who are persistent.
Skills: familiar with open hardware platforms, rich experience in making open hardware projects
Spots available: 10~15 each season

S0E0 Grow with Community | Let’s Make!

时间:7月25日 19:30-22:30 Time: 19:30 - 22:30, July 25th, 2018
地点:柴火造物中心 Venue: Chaihuo x.factory


For Episode 0 of Season 0 of Grow with Community | Let’s Make!, we picked “Smart Living Space” as the topic. You can think about projects/solutions that add values to our bedroom, living room, garden, study, gym etc. The solutions can either be smart sensing systems, environmental data monitoring or interactive installations, as long as it’s related to a certain living scenario, welcome to explore & make it! Of course, you can also browse Seeed project hub for some inspirations!
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We’ll provide the following two options of products for participants to use, in making the projects:

选项1:语音交互平台Respeaker Core / (树莓派开发板Raspberry Pi + Respeaker扩展板)
Option #1: Respeaker Core/(Raspberry Pi + Respeaker HAT)
Rpi + ReSepaker.jpg
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选项2:全球开发板大佬Arduino + 即插即用的传感器和执行器模块Grove Modules
Option #2: Arduino + Grove System modules (plug-n-play sensors and actuators)
Arduino + Grove.jpg
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​The event is FREE, and we’ll provide food and drinks for you as well!

Limited Spots Available.
Scan the following QR Code to apply for a spot!
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