Meet Hackaday in Shenzhen at Chaihuo x.factory

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Meet Hackaday in Shenzhen at Chaihuo x.factory

Post by violet » Fri Mar 15, 2019 5:04 pm


Hey Community,

Hope you enjoy interacting with the community through the many events we’ve organized this month! And we’ll have an even cooler event to wrap up the month of March! In the evening of the upcoming March 22nd (Friday), we’ll have the Hackaday Team in town, and they’ll have a Hackaday Prize China Kickoff Meetup at Chaihuo x.factory Shenzhen.



Before heading to the event details, there’s a keyword you should learn about, which is the Hackaday Prize China!!! You might be familiar with the annual Hackaday Prize, but for Hackaday Prize China it is a first. The Hackaday Prize aims to inspire more hacker members in China to participate in the global contest and there is specific support for Chinese community (including language translation support and vertical promoting strategy).


The Hackaday Prize is the Academy Awards of Open Hardware, a grand competition where thousands of hardware hackers, makers and artists compete to build a better future. Anyone in the world may enter the contest and build a solution. Ten entries from China will go on the finals where the Celebrity Judges will award the 2019 Hackaday Prize of $125,000 and ten other top prizes totaling $65,000.



So on March 22nd, we’ll have Sophi Kravitz, the Director of Product at Hackaday, and Mike Szczys, the Editor in Chief with us to kick off the Hackaday Prize China at Chaihuo x.factory Shenzhen. Can’t wait to learn more? Come join us!

3月22日晚,我们将邀请Hackaday产品总监Sophi Kravitz以及主编Mike Szczys来给大家详细解读Hackaday全球硬件开发者大赛,解密今年Hackaday对中国赛区的特别支持与计划!如果您想更多地了解Hackaday全球硬件开发者大赛,赶紧报名参加活动吧!名额有限哦!

Sophi will share some insights of Hackaday Prize China, introduce a detailed guide for those who just can’t wait to join the contest. Meanwhile, Mike will share from a community perspective with an introduction to Hackaday, one of the biggest hacker community platforms in the world. Apart from the presentation from Hackaday, you are invited to bring your cool hacks and projects and share your hacking stories. Please send us an email (topic, project info) to to secure your sharing spot.



Sophi Kravitz

Sophi is an Electronics engineer & New Media artist. She has been working in tech within all points product including hardware product design, marketing, sales, and engineering since 2006. Currently, Sophi is the Director of Product at Hackaday, leading and the Hackaday Prize to be the largest global open-source hardware ecosystem.


Mike Szczys

Mike is the Editor in Chief of Hackaday. He is an Orchestra Musician by night and a writer by day. Mike's entrance into electronics started with BEAM robot builds but quickly moved into the realm of embedded systems. He spends his waking hours chasing down new tricks performed through clever application of existing hardware with the goal of spreading information and ideas for the benefit of everyone. This has served him well since joining in 2009. He has an unquenchable thirst for seeing future technology become reality before his eyes — a drive perfectly suited for the hardware hacking universe.


Meetup Schedule

19:30-19:35 Meetup Opening

19:35-20:05 Insights of Hackaday Prize China 2019 and Hackaday Community by Sophi Kravitz and Mike Szczys

20:05-20:25 Q&A (The Cube giveaway)

20:25-21:00 Projects sharing (The Cube giveaway)

21:00-22:00 Party up


-19:30-19:35 活动开场

-19:35-20:05 2019Hackaday大赛中国赛区宣讲&Hackaday社区介绍 by Sophi Kravitz & Mike Szczys

-20:05-20:25 Q&A (魔方开发板送送送)

-20:25-21:00 社区项目分享(魔方开发板送送送)

-21:00-22:00 吃吃喝喝聊聊


Another spoiler, there will be 50 Free the Cube Development Boards giving away for the event participants (especially for project sharers and Q&Aers). The Cube has it's own TRNG (True Random Number Generator) and can create the stream of random numbers. It has also the PRNG (Pseudo RNG), so it can be used as the cryptographic engine, predominantly for experimenting and playing around. It has a FLASH memory with 16 Mbits (2 Mbytes), which can be used, for instance, as the storage for OTP (one Time Pad) random number base, the only cryptography method which can‘t be cracked.


Meetup Details

Time: 19:30-22:00, March 22nd (Friday), 2019

Place: Chaihuo x.factory, B608, Design Commune, Vanke Cloud City, Dashi 2nd Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Notes: Snacks and beverages will be served.

Sign-Up: Click one of the following links to sign up: ... 259506113/






So hackers, why wait? Let’s meet Hackaday at Chaihuo x.factory Shenzhen on March 22nd. Please sign up to secure your spot and bring along your hacks!!



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