🤠 Zephyr and Nordic nRF Connect SDK - 01 Introduction and installation (v2.4.2)

Hi there,
So it’s a little hard to hear but it’s a great getting familiar and started with the NRF_SDK not too old so most of the info is relevant. https://youtu.be/rvDdev18PAI?si=dNHOPt4M8d4Jlly_
With manufactures progress and NONE on the BSP’s for the Nrf52840 Sense it’s obvious to utilize all that the Nrf52840 chip offers , one must step away from the ArduinoIDE to fully implement the advanced features the MCU is capable of, Things like NFC, IMU, Sleep on all levels, BLE and Coded PHY. The biggest being the support for ** “Find my Device”** for google and Maps. Leverage anything NOT available from Seeed, Adafruity. or Sparkit4fun.

With a proper BLE client connection to a Mobile phone and the Beaconing of BLE the Xiao would be a very powerful native Track and Trace capability. making every Xiao_52 series more modern and capable.
I get why no new hardware is OUT from Seeed for the later 53 or 54 series Nordic chips that 10x the capabilities of 52 Series. Hardware is nothing without some Software support IDC how new and shiny it is, and NO AI in the world will change that.
New ESP32 variants don’t improve and only exacerbate the Falling behind the competition in the hardware maker space software and new hardware. Price, Price and Price seems to be the only concern CHEAP RISC hardware with no Software support is the industry’s achilles heal.
No one size fits all with this Line, ArduinoIDE for some pieces, Samd21 etc, ESP_IDF for those Espressif , and Nrf_SDK for any nordic offerings. instead of Convergence which is how the Xiao became so Attractive instead we are getting DI-vergence and soon, none will be interoprative.
Hit the Books… learn the other dev platforms if you plan on keeping up.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Debugging will make you throw the Dev units out the window, not even the hardware has a easy way to connect to it for debugging, adding some print statements isn’t getting it. I.e. no XIAO expansion Dev board to support the newer ESP’s or even the older ones(SWD/Jtag) only worked for the Nrf Xiao. no pogo’s for the 6- or 8- new pads versions. This needs addressed to continue IMO.