YouTube training tutorial for upgrading & operating DSO Nano

The following link will take you to the location of quality tutorials about how to use the DSO Nano for those not familiar with oscilloscopes and/or the Nano product. These are quality videos and not that typical blurry and half baked video that you find on YouTube.

Thanks for sharing!

It seems like you’ve got the video/voice mix just right for tutorials – excellent! I will be looking forward to new content.

Rgds BenF

There are at least 8 tutorial lessons present at this time.

Thanks, these are very helpful. My only request is that before uploading you normalize the audio since it is about 1/4 normalized and its hard to hear with my laptop due to fans always running, not to mention those wonderful speakers 8(.

BTW where did you get dfusedemo 3.00.01? the file contains 3.00.00 which I’m reinstalling again as its crashing - more later…

Audio level increased for all new topics.

Wow, that’s really awesome! Thanks for the effort!

Just added a new tutorial on BenF V3.61 Firmware Update. The has been a correction to this video so if you saw it prior to the timestamp of this post, then you may want to review it again (first 26 viewers). The change is after the 8 minute mark.