Your kernel headers for kernel 4.19.6+ cannot be found at/lib/modules/4.19.6+/build

Hello guys,

During my driver install, I encountered this error message:

Your kernel headers for kernel 4.19.6+ cannot be found at

/lib/modules/4.19.6+/build or /lib/modules/4.19.6+/source.

After some research the problem seems to be with kernel-devel or kernel-header.

But I’ve tried a few solutions, no luck.

I’m kindda new to this.

Can anyone help?


I have same problem here but not always, I have the issue on some raspberry and some other not ! I always first update raspbian to be sure it’s well latest (november 2018) release that is used and sometimes install of Seeed drivers works fine and sometimes fail with that error unless it has installed headers first !!

Someone else ? as not sure what’s the problem exactly !

Figured out the issue or at least a way to avoid it :wink: Don’t do any system updates !! Burn raspbian on SD card, add SSH and Wifi config. Put SD card in raspberry. Once booted, login and activate permanently if needed ssh with raspi-config. Then follow the seeed studio install process by downloading repo from their git repo and follow steps and this way it works good !

Hope it helps :wink: