Your directions as stated dont work! Also once flashed boot still fails on emmc unless usb is still plugged in

These directions dont work why are they wrong and why do i need to have the usb with the files connected to boot to emmc? Just moving back to this device after removing it from it’s previous function and installing a new os. Great to see you have attempted to get this working but it still fails and I am just baffled by your posted directions. Are the directions a bad babblefish translation?

How to update the Embedded Controller

The X86 also has a embedded controller that can be updated. Updating the EC has the same procedure as updating BIOS(auto-update):

  1. Download the firmware files.
  2. Save them in the root location of a FAT32 format USB drive.
  3. Start ODYSSEY-X86 and boot up from the USB drive. Wait and it will automatically start the flashing process.
  4. Reboot the device when it’s done.

Latest EC Firmware

SD-EC-CJ41G-M-101-M 04/16/2021 01:20:07

  • SHA256: DB6E1F77D6EB4B9A79DDAF6E7A55052B7BE6E63B8339C7B948FF111E5C9CA8AD
  • Fixing bug: Increase overall stability.

The link you posted is point to how to update EC firmware. Are you talking about how to install OS?

EC firmware

What I don’t get is that the OS Fedora 34 will boot if I have the usb that I installed the EC firmware with plugged in on the board. If I remove the usb with the EC firmware from the usb port the system hangs attempting to mount the partitions of fedora on the emmc. Strange.

Also your directions are total bs for EC installation at least from my experience. I cannot pick USB on boot and have anything install.

If it works please do a video demonstration.

Props to you all for getting the fan to function!

Hay it started to boot without the usb but oddly I do have another device in the 3.0 usb port if I don’t have a device plugged into the blue port boot fails. Got any ideas?

Ok so it is back to needing the usb with files once again. Odd mess. I am thinking I may just put windows back on this thing for the few times i need windows throughout the year. Is there a tutorial anywhere on the windows install. I attempted but the installer says I am missing drivers and I can go no further.

Delete all the files under the USB root directory after upgrade the firmware then you can used the disk as norml.
To recover the original image, you can follow the wiki instructions.
Re-Installing the Original Windows

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Great but how do I use that 8gb zip. I see absolutely no information on how to install that properly and use it. Is there a guide on partitioning or a command that installs that archive???

  1. Download zip file: Win10 Odyssey Zip

  2. Unzip archive.

  3. Copy contents of unziped file to fat 32 usb drive “not the file, JUST CONTENTS!”

  4. Boot Odyssey X86 from usb drive