Yocto BSP/layer for NPi i.MX6ULL

Hi, in the wiki page about the NPi i.MX6ULL board there’s a mention to Yocto being available for this board. I searched everywhere, but I cannot find anything related to Yocto in the image-builder repository.
Is it available? Can you give me a link or instructions to find it?

Hi @ubase133. From the NPi i.MX6ULL Dev Board Linux SBC WiKi , I found this repository, please check.

Hi, sorry if I sound dense, but I can’t find any file related to Yocto in that repository. Can you give me more details or point me to the files I should use?

Yeah, There is only Debian based images available right now in the github repo.

I’ve been trying to get Yocto to work with the board but so far I haven’t been able to get further than bootloader and kernell compiling and using my own dts. So i used the standard arm9 debian rootfs for now.
In yocto i got an error at the end that others with i.MX6 boards also mentioned on the NXP forum… so don’t get your hopes up before that is resolved. this thread

But in contrast with the provided image, i have got debian with 5.4 kernel running at the moment, but with numerous other issues that i still need to resolve…

At the end i created my own BSP on Buildroot. This board is very cool but the SW support is abysmal, which is a pity.