Yocto boot2qt for the reTerminal (Qt 6)

Seeed sent me a reTerminal unit for a series of articles and I’ve just finished the first guide. It’s about boot2qt, a easy Yocto setup stack including integration with Qt Creator (the Qt IDE). It also covers rotation for all Qt applications, Widgets and QML and even Wayland & Weston.

Here is the guide: https://raymii.org/s/tutorials/Yocto_boot2qt_for_the_Seeed_reTerminal_qt6.html

The only thing I haven’t got working yet is the user programmable buttons. I have the newest 1.8 STM firmware, but only an error in dmesg:

gpio-keys gpio_keys: Unable to get irq number for GPIO 0, error -6

But, that is hopefully figured out since I’m going to need that for the next article.