XIOA Expansion Board Library

Im sure everyone knows I love this product

This product has an OLED, Buzzer, Button, and SD Card

what i would like is some type of library so that if i am using this device more easy
so i can call the library and lets say activate these features

for example
call a function lets say XIAO-Expansion_OLED-Begin
and just have it set up so i can go forward with programming
maybe a function XIAO-Expansion_SD-Begin
and just have it set up so i can go forward with programming

this way i dont have to copy everything into a program if i want to lets say experiment
with a new sensor

I know this is possable, if anyone can direct me to a learning website i am willing to try to figure this out myself

Thanks, Regards

I have seen a DEBUG switch used b4 , includes the stuff needed for the compile or something like that.
some else will know. I too also like the Expansion board the fact that it has a little of basic stuff on it. It’s about time they do a New UPGRADED VERSION… :pinched_fingers: too address the newer Xiao’s
GL :slight_smile: PJ

I think you have to build a library with constructors… where you call an instance of an object, kinda like for OLED display… but it is very complicated and i cannot reverse engineer