XIOA ESP32C3 Upload Sketch without Bootloader Button EVERY TIME

OK I have been working with my XIOA ESP32C3
I am going crazy having to press the boot and reset button every time i need to upload code
I am experimenting and fixing code all the time and it is getting crazy having to press the boot every time

is there any way to force into bootloader mode every time, either by hardware or software?

I am also experimenting with OTA, but still havent quite got that all figgured out yet

Thanks, Regards

I found this, but i dont understand what it means

Hello,cgwaltney ! Due to the size constraints of the Xiao ESP32S3 development board, it does not integrate a USB-TTL conversion chip. This may cause some inconvenience, and we deeply apologize for any trouble this may cause.

Hay there, cg
I will tell you this, My hp Laptop for some reason not sure yet why but Arduino 2.10 & 2.11 doesn’t require it after the first time, not sure if I ziadig’d this one or not for the USB driver support?
My windows 11 Asus mobo does almost always ? ONLY with the XIAO ESP32C3.
more testing is required.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

i dont always play with my seeeds, but when i do i am realizing how variable everything is, a troubleshooting nightmare