Xiao using FastLED to control ws2812b

Hi everyone,

I tried the FastLED blink example (that tries to turn on and off the 1st LED on ws2812b) on the Xiao but the LED was not blinking. The same circuit setup and program works on an Arduino uno. Any idea? Thanks.

Setup like this:

  1. Xiao pin D3 as data pin connected to DIn on the ws2812b with a 330ohm resister in between.
  2. Xiao connected to PC thru type-c USB.
  3. ws2812b 5V power by an external power supply.


Input logic has to be VCC -.5V/+5V. Since you are supplying 5V vcc to the strip the Xiao’s logic voltage of 3.3v would not be recognized by the LED. The reason it works with the Arduino Uno is the Arduino Uno has 5v logic pins. This setup should work but you would need to reduce the power voltage supplied to the strip down to around 3.8V or lower. Example would be using a LiPo battery rated at 3.7V.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks. I will try it out.