XIAO-USB Device not recognized

I have powered my board with the XIAO onboard with 3.3v. It used to work but now I get a “USB Device not recognized” and the XIAO Port is not showing up in the Port Menu.
To me, it looks like the XIAO is dead. This is troubling because I have lost several XIAO with this issue. Can anybody help please.

Hi BasicBasic,

Where does the message “USB Device not recognized” appear?
Have you tried double resetting and rewriting the code?

Resetting and rewriting the code is exactly what was required, thank you so much. The XIAO can fall into a permanent state of “Unrecognized by USB” even if the power is removed and reapplied…how terrible.
This started when I added some additional code. I can understand that bad code can result in operational problems, but for it to be able to disable the ports is something I have never seen before. Is this just for the XIAO or are all ARDUINO Controllers susceptible.

This trouble has been a hot topic in the XIAO forum for some time. In the worst case, you will have to rewrite the bootloader as well.

Regardless, this has to be done because I cannot have a failure of the controller. What ever the fix is, Seeed Studios need to provide us with the tools to fix their product if they refuse to listen to us. Where can I provide the fix. Thank you so much for your help