XIAO to NRF24 Socket Adapter Plate

Does anybody know how to make a XIAO to NRF24 socket adaptor plate similar to this

what i would like is either a XIAO Grove Shield with this port built on the back
pr either an adaptor plate that could accept a XIAO or even span over the XIAO
and plug into the outboard pin headers in a XIAO Grove Shield or XIAO Expansion Board

I see the Schematics files are not accessable anymore on the wiki

also i see that all the editor apps have been baught up by Autodesk
does anyone know a free and easy way to make a few of these simple circuit boards?


I have been fighting with NRF24L01+ Transceiver Modules i got from somewhere, not seeed, but adeept and i just realized that on some of the modules the silkscreen on half of the modules with the rubber antenna was on backwards, so i was never able to get the pins co connect correctly… and the ones with the built in antenna were actually ESP01S modules… What da? so much wasted time and frustrations