Xiao studio connect two different uart modules

Im making a wind sensor and using the seeed Xiao studio, but I’m using a gps and a screen and both need uart connection but the xiao got only one RX and Tx, I know there’s a way to configure two other pins to become Rx2 and TX2, but idk how to do it, anyone knows how?

Which XIAO? SAMD or ESP32?

The Model is RP2040, I don’t think is a esp32

Hi there,
You can use "Software Serial Port " Lib. Selecting two pins as TX & RX
But you also can Use the Serial (usb) port and Serial1 (TX,RX) Pins 6 & 7 .
Look at your PINout Here

In this manner 3 serial ports can be realized , However memory becomes an issue with only 256k Ram
Flow control for the GPS data or good configuration and setup to filter unwanted data and avoiding buffer overruns. Check out the GPS setup I demo’d on here.

GL :slight_smile: PJ

I will just use the gps to get the speed of a moving boat so I will get the number and erase what I don’t need anymore, also cant use the usb one but I’ll try that library, thanks

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