XIAO store data in QSPI flash memory (Mbed)

Hi everybody.
I’ve a Xiao BLE SENSE (nRF52840).

In the specifications I read that the board has 2MB flash to store data. Connected with QSPI.

Well… how can I use it with the mbed-enabled version?

I found the Adafruit SPIFlash library but obviously does not compile… but seems something hackable …

This board has so many things but is a pain to use it properly…

Agreed, If they had Solid Library and board support along the lines of Adafruit and Raspie stuff, this little footprint would rule the embedded & wearable world.

it’s a slog to get it all collected up and Tested. I’m wondering how long b4 the other two knock it off with a clone?
my .02
GL :wink:

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At this point I hope that Adafruit will make a similar board…